Bringing the outside in….even at night

Bringing the outside in is an increasingly popular goal for people who not only want to make the most of natural daylight in their home, but also to feel more connected to their outdoor space. To blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior, large bi-fold or sliding doors are often installed. These are great during the day, but at night as the lit interior is reflected back off the glass like a mirror, they can form a black barrier between inside and out.

By adding lighting into the garden, the eye is drawn out beyond the glass, making the whole interior space feel a lot larger and brighter, and can help create drama using a space which is often cut off in the evenings. 

Image by John Cullen lighting

I joined John Cullen lighting in their inspiring masterclass webinar yesterday, where they discussed various techniques to bring the garden to life. 

Spike lights (I have used their Kew spikes in various projects and in my own garden ) are fantastic to light planting, and if installed on a long flex can be moved around to light different plants as the garden changes throughout the season.

There is always the opportunity to light hard landscaping in a variety of ways. Little recessed spot lights can be used to uplight plant pots, plants or an interesting textured surface. Suddenly steps not only become more functional as they are lit, but can look almost sculptural. 

Image by John Cullen Lighting

Concealed linear lighting can add a wash of light, and even hanging lights from trees give a sparkle affect as they gently blow in the wind.

Image by John Cullen Lighting

Garden lighting is so often an afterthought, where simple wall lights are put either side of the doors, but can be so much more, and should be considered in the early stages of design to get it right. It not only makes an inviting space you can use at evening in the summer, but can also enhance your interior throughout the year.

Image by John Cullen Lighting
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